How much do you pay?


One of the big business is now the translation of documents for overseas workers. That can cost tens of thousands of pesos. We heard from some candidates that they were already paying in as much as 50,000 pesos.

An incredible sum

In most cases, the documents must be certified and accredited by a translator of a German court. This gives many translators the chance to make a lot of money because the services and credentials are to be paid by the candidates themselves.

ICC wants to change something. The prices are unacceptable and a burden to the budget; but not only the price plays a role, many translations are not really of good quality. We can show you some samples of poorly translated documents and you would not want to believe that. Even a single word that is wrongly translated from your document can endanger your recognition in Germany.

Hence, ICC has systematically set up a special team of translators and made a special agreement with some certified translators in Germany.


Do not take any risks


Members of the ICC Plus1 Club enjoy the advantage of low-cost translations and credentials with a high quality. The translations are checked several times by German certified translators before they make their way to the authorities.

BUT You do not necessarily have to be a member of ICC for cheap translations and the service.


You can have your translations made at a special price. For your complete package we have a special price. Of course, in the best quality and accepted and certified by a sworn translator.

If you just need Translation go to our Translation Website:


Recognition and document handling

In Germany there are 34 authorities for the recognition, which have the most different requirements. Especially for these compelling demands of the respective authority in Germany also a different preparation of the documents is necessary.
Some authorities only accept copies made in Germany. Therefore, in some cases it may be necessary to have originals sent to Germany first. We offer you the transfer and the production of certified copies. Our documentary vendors specialize in the transport of originals.
What else are necessary to complete, we take care of.

VISA applications

The same applies to Visa applications, they are not easy to afford, more than 50% rejections show this. But with professional help, issuing the VISAS is only a matter of time. We have the necessary specialists.


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